Sunday, April 1, 2018

Remember Me?

Once you've been the target/victim of one of my pranks, you won't soon forget me.
 I have a blessing and a curse:  my brain.  
It doesn't shut off.  That hamster is always running the wheel full steam.  On average, I get anywhere between 3-5 hours of sleep per night due to this adorable rodent.  That's a lot of thinking time during those waking hours.  All I need is an idea and it morphs from there. Generally, for me, a subtle and tame idea moves to completely going off the tracks in a relatively short period of time.
April Fool's Day landing on a Sunday AND Easter no less was God's way of playing an April Fool's joke on me.  BUT, I didn't let that damper my resolve to make this day work to serve as my the expense of someone else.
Protests are all the rage right now.  At work, we thought we could throw together some posters and do a mock work protest, take some photos, send it to the boss man on April 1st and call it good.
Then my mind went to going a little off track and doing a video of interviews of why it's so difficult to work there.  Then, going completely off the tracks, it turned into a horror movie trailer:

The sad thing?  He acted those tyrant roles out for me without knowing why I was asking him to do it.  That's trust folks, and says a lot about the kind of human being I am. 
I posted this to our business page this morning letting over 1,000 followers believe we are having a Patient Appreciation Movie Night and this year's movie had been chosen, 'Nightmares On Young Street.'  Oh yeah,  there is no movie, and there is no Patient Appreciation movie night.  😏 That may come back to bite me.
What the general public doesn't know is there is a SECOND video.  This was the uncut interview version, set to a Special News Investigative Report.  This was the one we threatened would go live and viral if he didn't agree to bring us Dutch Bros. this week.  It went over rather well:

Sorry, you will not be seeing the second video if I want to keep my job.  But just know it was EPIC...and in safe keeping.  I'm starting bids at $2,500.  
Happy April Fools!