Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Finally, Color!

When we moved in the house years ago, the thought of painting the entire thing exhausted me before I even packed one box.  I admit, I got lazy and did the unimaginable for me--I paid someone else to come in and paint every square inch...walls, baseboards, doors, closets.  I wanted it fresh and neutral because I wasn't sure how I was planning to design my home.  As you can tell, I didn't do anything real exciting for color with my furniture either.  Hence, the pictures below: drab, boring, and total snoozers.  

I did reupholster those floral dining room chairs though...those bad boys were my first reupholster job and took me an entire summer. Alas, the dining room is my next project.
Now, I'm normally not one to paint my walls a dark color, but I really wanted some contrast and pop.  And for whatever reason, my iPhone picture quality stinks and everything is super grainy, buy you get the idea of the 'after':

I wanted a tufted couch, and I knew I wanted another brown (don't ask me why) but one with a gold/copper tint to contrast with a royal color.  The problem with most tufted couches, other than the cost, is the low back, I had yet to find an actual comfortable one, and the feeling that you're a giant sitting on dollhouse furniture. Your head ends up resting against a wall, your butt nearly goes to the edge and looks and feels like the most uncomfortable thing.  I had been looking for the perfect set for over a year and had almost given up.  Then, one day, I walked into Pruitts into their last showcase floor room.  Rays of light shone and I swear I heard a choir singing.  Almost as if in my head, I found exactly what I'd been imagining.  The only drawback are these things are HUGE. (Said in my Donald Trump voice).  Jason looks like he climbed the beanstalk and appears to be an 8 year old while sitting in them.  

I went with smaller modern style tables from Ross and geometric pieces from Hobby Lobby; had I gone with anything bigger no one would be able to walk in the room.  I had decided to go with a royal blue due to the copper and golds.  At first I was looking at big area rugs, but once those couches were in the room, it felt like everything needed to be smaller.  Again, the picture doesn't do it justice, but this is a glittered shag I bought from the At Home store.  Background story:  The only one left was one they just opened to display- which the manager was using to set up a Christmas display.  I told her I wanted it and that I hoped it wouldn't be too much of a problem.  Her response:  "Yes, it's a problem."  Me: "Sooo, this means I can't purchase it?"  Her:  "Well, yes, you can purchase it, but it's still a problem and hassle for me."  Who does that?!  I'm not sure if I ruined her grand plan for the display of the year award, but if someone is willing to pump money into your store, you just deal with it.  I only mention this because this has been a frequent occurrence for me here.  Great, low prices, but you pay in having crappy customer service.

Also got the gold sun mirror at At Home, but am still debating putting a piece of art there or possibly trying to find a bigger mirror.  Notice my Valentine holiday tree in the background?? :)

My mom and I love going to antique stores.  The quality is sound and we find some really amazing pieces.  One of which was these pair of seriously outdated wall sconces.  I loved how big they were (to compete with the King Kong couches), and the fact that I don't have any wall sconces instantly made me covet them.  Problem, since it was an antique mall, the Brass Armadillo, hence no refunds.  I had to make sure I could do something with these hideous retros before I spent Jason's hard earned cash.  I went back 3 times within a couple months stalking them.  I took Jason to get his opinion and the look on his face made me second guess myself, or possibly be more determined.  The copper night lights and brass fixtures were perfect, but those shades and wood handles were the issue.

I refinished the wood and painted them gold, and got these fabulous lamp shades at Lamps Plus.

I'm still on the hunt for some bigger sized pillows to go with the blue and gold pillows and will remove the animal print ones...so if you have any ideas, let me know!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

If You Are Cringing At My Christmas Post, Then I Wrote It For You

You probably saw this floating around Facebook recently and chuckled to yourself as I did because we all know that one person or department store(s) that comes to mind, right??  I think I even 'liked' this picture on several of your pages. We aren't even halfway through October and the aisles are already being set up for Christmas. The mummy's haven't been able to gather dust yet! Therefore, I am writing a post on Christmas, because I decided...I was wrong. 
What I learned this week is two negatives DO make a positive.  I was irritated about the Christmas decor and memes coming out so soon, and then I realized yesterday I was also irritated subconsciously that apparently we don't do it enough.
Confused yet?  Welcome to my poor husband's life.
Read on...
Every Monday we do family night where a member of our family prepares a spiritual lesson to share with the rest of the family or we all study a lesson and share what we each got out of it.  Last night, Nathan was in charge and decided to show us a short Christmas video.  Immediately, I was slightly annoyed because I thought he went for the easy out by picking a Christmas video...that he didn't take the time to research something else. 
  The video was about giving gifts to the Savior, rather than receiving gifts or buying gifts for others. 
Immediately after Nathan says, "Okay, Mom, what did you learn from that?" I hesitated for a minute  because I knew he wasn't going to like what I had to say since the video irritated me as I watched it more than it got me into the Christmas spirit.  I was irritated because it was based around Christmas. After understanding the message of it, I questioned why couldn't this have been done around Valentine's Day, a Birthday, or even an Anniversary for that matter.  The same message applies.  Why do we only associate when we should be giving something of ourselves to Jesus Christ only at Christmastime?
I saw the stunned and worried look on his face that his fantastic lesson idea may have backfired, so I went on to explain...
Christmas is generally a magical time of year and I don't believe it is due to the decor, the holiday sales, Santa Clause or the gifts.  Symbolically, these things can lead our thoughts to why Christmas exists.  Think of how many individuals are singing and listening to Christmas carols during the month of December...they are singing and hearing testimony of Him.  Think of how many are volunteering at shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, or serving their neighbors and friends...they are serving as He would and being His hands to many in need.  Holiday shows and movies typically have messages of hope, love, and charity...messages He taught and continues to teach for our hearts to be touched so we can become better.  Christmastime is magical simply because of the light of Christ that is in the hearts, minds, and eyes of individuals.  
People are generally happier, more hopeful, kinder, more giving as well as forgiving during Christmas.  So why should this be only a once a year occurrence?   If you know an individual who is full of joy and happiness and has a light about them, then you know, generally, these are individuals who demonstrate hope, love, kindness, charity, and forgiveness on a regular daily basis-regardless of the date.  Therefore, if you want to be happier and have more joy in your life then put these Christmas practices into action more consistently.
The message Nathan shared was perfect, so perfect that I'm saddened so many feel or experience it only once a year.  So to all you early Christmas goers:  If decorating, listening to carols, and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas can give you reminders of where to find joy and happiness and likewise give you the desire to serve your fellowmen with kindness and charity---then by all means--decorate, sing, and watch because now more than ever, our world needs it.  I applaud you for seeking for it.
I am grateful for Nathan and his childlike humbleness to bring a Christmas message at a random time of year and all children for that matter who do such a better job of consistently typifying of Christ than most adults.